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The Clean Start Story

A unique story from past to present of total body cleansing.
Our Unlikely Story

In 1980, my older sister, Celeste was getting horrible ear infections. Over and over, ear infection after ear infection, my parents could not figure out what was going, and why she was so sick all the time. With many sleepless nights, worries and concerns the doctor finally told them that they should probably have an operation on Celeste’s ears. This was something the family really did not want to do.

Herb Shop Porch Display

My Aunt in Utah sent my parents a little bottle of Nature Sunshine, Lobelia. Lobelia is used to clear passageways. It helps with ear infections and breathing problems in children and adults. All my Aunt asked them to do was give it a try before they proceeded with conventional (or not so conventional in the 1980s) surgery.

Within two weeks Celeste ears were completely healed and the recurring ear infections stopped—for good. Even the doctor asked how we treated them. Well, the word got out around town and that’s when my parents, Robert and Susan Stevenson had this great epiphany.

“If this single herb cured my little girl, then it can do the same for others.”

And, that was the little seed that grew and started my family on the road to success with herbal supplements. We did not have a lot of money when I was born. In fact if you look over to the left , you will see my sister and I on our front porch in Aniston, Alabama. My family was already into their very own small business selling food storage on our front porch, but months later they started selling what herbs they had on hand. The community took notice of how our family’s health had changed. They too started to see for themselves that herbs really do work without all the harsh chemicals or side effects of pharmaceutical medicine. And for many at that time, it was just cheaper then a visit to the doctor.

As the customer base grew, my family moved our front porch shop into a retail location in town. Soon after the shops huge success, we moved to Carleton, Georgia to open our second retail shop, “The Herb Shop.” We sold only the top of the line supplements from Nature Sunshine. My parents were able to create a $50 million dollar herbal business in less than 5 years with 12 shops.

My family really did pioneer the introduction of alternative medicinal stores in the United States. These innovators I call parents have helped the natural health industry go from counter culture to mainstream acceptance in the last three decades. Now, we are again leading the way for specialization in the alternative health industry. And that is where I come in. I started Clean Start: Total Body Cleanse in 2012.

Herb Shop Dad Playing And Specialization is what we do best. We specialize in helping you, help yourself into better heath. Your body is designed for self regulation, healing, and its own natural detoxification; however, over the build up of years and a fast passed society where more is less and less could always use a little more, the bodies capacity to keep up with all the junk we are exposed to has stifled. From our eating habits, to our unhealthy lifestyles and all the chemicals, hormones and pollutants in between we have over exposed our bodies into an unstable environment.

That is why Clean Start: Total Body Cleansing was started. Clean Start is a fresh take on herb shops of the past while being your one-stop shop for all your holistic healing needs. I wanted to open a place for people from all walks of life, especially a younger generation, where anyone can come in and feel comfortable even if it is there first time doing something healthy for them selves.

From our therapist to our front desk staff, everyone has knowledge to share. We consider our environment a place of learning. We encourage you to do your own research. We want people to make an educated decision about their health. After all, that is how I got started. Clean Start: Total Body Cleansing truly is a place where you can come to experience a wealth of knowledge in all areas of life. But we kept it Clean and simple! That is what three decades of experience can do for you.

Where we find our creative inspiration

We really look to our customers and the services we offer for creative inspiration. We service such a wide range of people, and every one comes in with a different story or questions. Clean Start reaches out to the most advanced cleansers and health couscous people to the very basic cleanser who might be totally new to this lifestyle. We have so many clients who are new to holistic medicine in general, but are desperately trying to find healing from some sort of discomfort or dis-ease. We are all about reaching out to whomever would like to change their quality of life dramatically, and we take that to heart. Every one of us at Clean Start has had something to heal from. That is why we support each and every community member that walks in our door, and we encourage people to do the same.

For us it is not about scheduling, purchasing or turning a profit. It is more about really giving people the knowledge to empower themselves. One of our biggest goals is being there in support for you while providing the information, services or products that you need. Clean Start: Total Body Cleansing is THE place for you to learn what healing you can offer yourself.

Remember, you are what motivates us. Yes, you do! The stories of all the people who we have helped, all the people we can see a dramatic difference in IS what keeps us going. Your health is what motivates us to continue to provide the most effective and top of the line products and services.

Clean Start represents the natural quest in all of us to reach our highest potential of health. As a result, we allow nature to nurture us. We welcome you to come in and turn the page to find your clean start.

Isn’t is time for a Clean Start?

Meet Candice Stevenson
Candice Stevenson is the owner and founder of Clean Start: Total Body Cleansing Miami, FL and Atlanta, GA. Click here for more information about Clean Start’s founder, Candice Stevenson.

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Meet The Clean Start Team
Clean Start: Total Body Cleansing can boast about some of the best therapist in the South Florida Region. With knowledgable and helpful group of individuals, how could you go wrong with Clean Start: Total Body Cleansing by your side.

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